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Welcome to Occhio 

We create a new culture of light – to enrich people’s quality of life.

Occhio is the market leader in the field of high-quality design luminaires and is one of the most attractive German companies in the luxury segment. Fast growing and supported by an enthusiastic team, our brand is now known all across Europe for its quality of light, first-class system-based design and incomparable 'joy of use'.

"Over the last 23 years, Occhio has achieved great things, but we still have much more potential. Everyone in the company is crucial to the success and the future of Occhio – we are all authors of this exciting story. This makes Occhio unique and is also a reason why I look forward to coming to work each day."

Carine Beer

Chief Human Resources Officer

46 %

of our team is female.

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Our values – what we stand for

At Occhio, we share a passion for creating unique lighting solutions that inspire people. This enthusiasm drives us – to always take our ideas to the next level and develop innovative solutions.


We strive for top quality in all areas of our work. Our excellence has enabled us to make a name for ourselves and we work hard to continue earning this reputation.


At Occhio, we value intelligence and creativity. We believe that each employee has unique talents and skills that can help us make our products and processes better and better.


Uniqueness is one of our core values and is shaped by courage, responsibility and passion. We believe that our uniqueness is boosted by the culture of our company.

Your benefits

Flexible working environment

Work at flexible times in our stylish headquarters in the heart of Munich or benefit from mobile working.

Sports activities

JobRad bikes get you from A to B. You can also work out in the body+soul fitness studio or join a yoga class. We offer group activities too – together, we take part in the B2Run and battle on the tennis court.

Professional development

We always respond to the individual's needs and goals and do our best to design the optimal professional development package for each employee.

Feedback sessions

Regular feedback sessions and annual appraisals help you to develop. At Occhio, this is standard practice.


If you want to make a difference and take on responsibility, Occhio is the right company for you. We are innovative, constantly growing, future oriented and successful.

Free-of-charge language courses

Would you like to learn a new language? We offer courses in German, English, Chinese, Italian, French and Spanish.

Getting together

To ensure that we beam as brightly as our luminaires, we frequently get together to celebrate successes.

Breaks to ensure well-being

Enjoy lunches free of charge in a restaurant around Wiener Platz as well as the best Italian coffee, tea, water, juice, fruit and snacks in the office.

Employee rates

Would you like to create an exquisite ambiance in your home as well? Make the most of special employee rates on Occhio luminaires.

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Würde das Gespräch mit sehr gut bewerten
Das Gespräch lief ziemlich gut ! Man hatte ein durchweg angenehmes Bauchgefühl und fühlte sich während der gesamten Besprechung wohl und zuversichtlich.
Applicant feedback from May 22, 2024
Sehr offenes und entspanntes Vorstellungsgespräch!
Die Atmosphäre war angenehm und locker. Ich habe viele Informationen über das Unternehmen erhalten. Alle meine Fragen konnten ausführlich beantwortet werden.
Applicant feedback from March 27, 2024
Angenehmes Vorstellungsgespräch
Ich fand das Gespräch sehr interessant und habe einiges über die Unternehmensphilosophie und Sie erfahren. Hervorheben möchte ich, dass ich den Eindruck gewonnen habe, dass das Vorstellungsgespräch mit Ihnen ehrlich war. Die Offenheit hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Meine Fragen wurden beantwortet und ich fand es positiv, dass Sie mir zugehört habe.
Applicant feedback from January 11, 2024
Great Interview
The director was very friendly and open with me. He explained the company to me again and explained the position in detail.
Applicant feedback from January 5, 2024
amazing Interview
The interview was amazing, both were really friendly and explained everything well. We had a lot of fun and laughed a lot.
Applicant feedback from November 30, 2023
Good points: - unconventional, which i liked - cultural fit was explored before anything else - most of the questions i prepared were already answered by the interviewer in opening statement - it was an ongoing discussion about the product, and the company and did not follow artificial steps, which was good because we were able to explore many different topics - the plans and requirements for the role were clearly described Improvements: - i would have loved to hear more about how the data management initiatives would fit with the company's vision, and further initiatives
Applicant feedback from November 24, 2023
Bewerbung als Werkstudent/-in
- offenes, zwangloses Gespräch - ausreichend Raum für Fragen - Ich konnte mir durch die Beschreibungen der Gesprächspartner ein gutes Bild vom Arbeitsalltag machen - Ich kann mich soweit nicht beklagen
Applicant feedback from November 17, 2023
Angenehmes Bewerbungsgespräch
Angenehme Atmosphäre beim Gespräch(+) ein Arbeitstag im Betrieb vielleicht nochmal veranschaulichend erklären/erzählen (-)
Applicant feedback from November 14, 2023
-Friendly atmosphere throughout the interview -Transparent process
Applicant feedback from October 19, 2023
Zusammenfassung des Gespräches
- sehr angenehme Atmosphäre - sympathischer Gesprächspartner - sehr gute Darstellung der aktuellen Strukturen - klare Kommunikation über zukünftiges Aufgabengebiet - wertschätzende Rückfragen über zukünftige Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten und Zielbild
Applicant feedback from August 17, 2023
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